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Lord Meher

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Baba gave some special prasad to Gaya Prasad and told him to eat it on the spot.

Dr. Nath of Benares had come. Baba stated, "He, Dr. Khare and old Gaya Prasad did their utmost in the New Life to satisfy my nakhra [every fancy or whim]. I said I wanted a white horse, and there it was. I wanted a camel, and there it came. I wanted donkeys, and they were brought to me. I feel so happy to see dear Nath here. You are seeing me for the last time in this body. So, I feel happy you came at the opportune moment."

Adarsh Khare said, "I want such love whereby I can really see you!"

Baba replied, "For such love, my grace is required. If showered spontaneously and of my own accord, it is like nectar. If asked for, it is like plain water. If anyone insists on it, it proves like poison. So, just go on thinking of me, and leave everything to me. Say, 'Baba, your will is my will.' "

Baba continued, "I will tell you something about lust and love. It has such a feeble link of demarcation that lust can be thought of as love, and love as lust; and yet, love takes you to God, and lust binds you in illusion. The sign of love is one: love never asks for anything. The lover gives all to the Beloved. Lust wants everything. Remember that one who wants nothing is never disappointed. He who wants nothing has everything."

Baba reminded Raisaheb Ravindra Singh, "I am the slave of my lovers."

To Raisaheb Ramashankar, Baba affectionately joked, "I like him because his heart is sound, his body is round and his love is all-round!"

Baba reminded Bhavani Prasad Nigam, "Remember how you used to serve me the best of achar [pickle] in Hamirpur?"

And to Paliwal he added, "What tasty food you served in Ingohta."

Baba informed Pukar (who was stoutly built), "You are my Hanuman.  Do you know it?"

"When you give me that experience, I will know it," Pukar said.

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