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On 27 July, Baba commented to Adi: "When I rise to the heights of my work I do not feel the body strain, but when I come down, the body strain is then heavily felt. I am happy that the work done today is excellent."

Two days later, it seemed as if the strain became tremendous. Anxious telephone calls went back and forth between Pimpalgaon and Adi's office about Baba's health. Don went to Meherazad three times that day, bringing different medicines. Medicine had to be called for from Poona and was sent by Meherjee and Meherwan.

Baba's exclusion work came to an end on 30 July, and from that day the reciting of the prayers was also stopped. That evening, Baba declared:

My work is done. It is completed 100 percent to my satisfaction. The result of this work will also be 100 percent and will manifest from the end of September [1968].

How I kept it going over the last stretch to its completion, I alone know. You cannot have a seed of an idea how crushing the pressure was, for it is beyond human understanding. On the final day, my body felt as though it had been through a wringer!

This message was included in Mani's next Family Letter for July 1968.

Goher wrote to Adele on 5 June 1968:

Beloved Baba's seclusion ended on 21 May, but it seems that at present he has embraced "exclusion" for the time being. His restrictions that he has imposed on all mandali staying with him and all his lovers everywhere still continue to be in force. We are not permitted yet to step out of Guruprasad and none is allowed to step in. The gates of Guruprasad are still closed.

This sort of "exclusion" that still lingers, even after the conclusion of his seclusion, will not last long, we hope. Soon he will decide on the point of doing away with the restriction that he had imposed. Let us hope for the best.

Baba's message is spreading by leaps and bounds in many parts of the globe. The more he keeps himself aloof from us, the deeper he bores into the hearts of humanity. It seems the world is almost prepared now for the return of the God-Man. And the God-Man, who has returned and is amongst us at this hour, waits patiently for man to return to him. What a Divine Game! No amount of our philosophizing helps one bit to reduce our present suffering. What is needed is not reduction, but redemption. May the Redeemer begin his Divine Operation soon.

[26 July 1968]: Although Baba's seclusion ended on 21 May, and although we have returned from Guruprasad, the atmosphere at Meherazad is the same as it was during the days of seclusion. As yet, Baba has not permitted any visitors nor does he attend to any correspondence, except emergency cables and report-letters concerning his work. However, he has been giving us hints that the "weather" will soon clear up and he will once again be visible to his lovers, who are thirsting for a sight of their Beloved, who has hid for so long behind the cloud of seclusion.

Meanwhile in Karachi, the fourteen-year-old son of Adi and Dolly Arjani, named Faredoon, suffered a fatal accident on 23 July 1968 after he fell from the first floor terrace of their bungalow. Soon after Baba was informed of this and he sent a telegram on 23 July 1968: "Those who love me never die, they live in me eternally. No one comes and no one goes, and none knows happiness or woes!"

He also sent this second telegram to the Arjani family: "Faredoon has come to me, his final resting place. Faredoon is supremely happy. Therefore, you and Dolly and family keep happy in my love and do not let anything come between you and me in this very important period of my Avataric advent."

Some days later, Eruch read Hoshang Dadachanji's letter to Baba, in which he mentioned this tragedy: "May our Beloved Baba give [the Arjani family] the strength to bow down to his will."

Baba commented: "The one who knows how to bow down to my will must necessarily be a strong man. A man needs strength to bow to my will, whereas a weak person submits to my will. And the person who neither bows down nor submits to my Divine Will under all conditions of life is no man at all!"

In July 1968, three close Western lovers also expired: Beryl Williams in New York, Warren Healy in Seattle, and Douglas Eve in England.

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