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Meanwhile work on the new house at Pimpalgaon was going on. Baba visited the site often. On 22 March 1948, he went there along with Adi Sr., Pendu, Padri and Goher. Padri was supervising Mahiboob (carpenter/contractor) in fitting the plumbing to the new buildings and in constructing a small building opposite mandali hall to house an electric generator. Baba insisted that he speed up the work. From the 27th, Vishnu began staying at Pimpalgaon to help oversee the work.

Once, in a teasing mood, Baba remarked to Padri, "Be more careful of the laborers working here. They are being paid and you must get a full day's work from them." Padri replied that he was extracting as much work from them as he could. "Then why are you standing around here now?" Baba asked. "I have been telling you to complete the work soon, and if you continue goofing off, how will it ever be finished?" Padri stormed off, and within five minutes Baba called him back, repeated the same criticism and sent him away. Again, after a few minutes, Padri was sent for. Baba's words of warning were reiterated and Padri was criticized to get back to work.

It happened again and again, and Padri, now irritated beyond control, said, "If you go on calling me so often like this — how am I supposed to get any work done?"

Smiling, Baba replied, "Padri, you have just lost! I was waiting and watching to see if you would get angry, and you did. Is this work [of making him angry] less in importance? It is clear you have not yet learned to control your anger. To be able to control anger is a great work, so from now on be careful of your temper. Don't allow this devil [anger] to invade your nut!"

Padri was not the only one of the men mandali who had a hot temper, but the Master used Padri as an example to emphasize self-control. As Padri reflected years later: "[In our life with Baba] our ego has been smashed and crushed and pounded, burned and pulverized. It has to be — and it is the Master who has the privilege to do it. For that you have to surrender to him and obey."

Don met Baba at the Ice Factory on 24 March, and discussed having The Wayfarers printed in Bombay. Piroja and her husband Dr. Ranade met Baba the same day.

On Thursday, 25 March 1948, Baba left Ahmednagar with Kaka. Adi drove them as far as Bombay, via Poona, where Baba met Jalbhai, Sadashiv and the Jessawalas. Eruch joined them in Poona, and Baidul, Gustadji and Chhagan met them in Bombay.

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