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This you can understand, but you cannot experience it. You must stop your mind and root it out. As soon as you see me as I really am, everything will disappear. Then you will find yourself to be your own eternal Self.

What is grace? Suppose one becomes 100 percent prepared and then realizes himself as God; that is not grace. If the worst sinner were before me and I got the whim, I could make him realize God in a flash. This is grace. Once my grace descends upon anyone, that very instant he becomes me. But grace is very, very difficult. I am always ready to give, but no one is ready to receive it. The sun is now diffusing its light everywhere. But here, we are under this roof, and its light, therefore, cannot illumine us. You yourself have raised the roof. Demolish it and you will find you, yourself, are the light and the sun. The flow of my grace is continuous, but this "roof" of the ego prevents you from receiving it.

All that I tell you and all that you hear now about spirituality, love and work can be found written in books. But all these have no value in themselves where Reality is concerned. God Speaks is perfect in itself, but even it can never be compared with Truth. It is explained in God Speaks how all this [creation] happened. Scriptures say the same thing.

If my grace descends on you, you will become me. But for the grace to descend, the opportune moment must come. What is grace after all? It is not a bargain. Suppose you are here and I want to make you like me; that is grace.

Don't worry about bad thoughts. Worry that you may not forget me. If you think of me as much as possible, nothing will touch you.

After this, at 9:15 A.M., there was an interval for rest. After the congregation reassembled, Ramjoo's written explanations on what Baba had said before the Gujarati group were read, and Baba elucidated a few points further.

After lunch, when the group had gathered at 1:25 P.M., M. Raja Muhammad rose to recite a prayer-poem composed by Mallikarjuna Rao. Baba joked, "Read it in such a way that your heart may not start beating rapidly. There are some whose hearts palpitate in my presence. In Eruch's case, if I send him to rest and he is awakened in between, his heart starts beating wildly."

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