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40951956 TRIP TO THE WEST1956

After lunch Baba called the group into his room. He explained about worry:

Don't worry! Worry accumulates and increases in strength, becomes a habit long after the original cause has ceased to be. [He asked one man his age.] When you were young, this and that happened; you cried, you felt sad and worry began. And after 50 years you still worry, although the time when worry began in you has gone. If another 50 years passes, you could at the end of that time be still worrying about something which was happening now. It is crazy.

You worry now about some condition, yet you have experienced all conditions. You have been blind, sick, poor, old, young, beautiful, ugly. You worry about your children — you have had numberless children, and they have had numberless parents and children. You worry about your job — you have been in every sort of occupation. You worry about your wife — you have had so many wives. You have been everything and experienced all conditions, and yet you worry about the slightest thing that happens to you.

Everything emanates from me, but that is not real. If you were dreaming and I appeared in your dream and told you that you were dreaming, it is not real — you would say: "Baba, I am enjoying these things; I know they are real." It is hard to understand. In your awake dream I tell you now, nothing is real, so don't worry. How to stop? Think of me, love me.

Christ said with divine authority, "Your sins are forgiven," and I say with divine authority, "Love me, and your worries will vanish!"

Reality is impossible to describe and it is difficult to attain. One in a million becomes a lover of God, and of a million lovers, only one gets Realization. It sounds impossible. Baba says, you have an opportunity because I am here with you and I say: "Love me."

Afterward, Baba visited the attendees' quarters at the adjoining shed and walked part of the "meditation path" Francis and his helpers had built specially for Baba behind Meher House.

Francis Brabazon had written a play titled The Quest, a story of a search to find the Beloved, and at 3:45 P.M. the group performed it for Baba, with Francis in the lead role of the seeker. Baba praised their performance and said the play should be published and distributed in other countries. Baba was so pleased with the play that he told Francis he was going to give him a "reward." To the many listeners' astonishment, the reward was a fast of 28 days — the whole of February 1957 — on only milk, tea or coffee, during which Francis would not be permitted to read anything. Francs folded his hands and humbly said, "Thank you, Baba." 

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