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5190NO DRUGS1965

Baba gestured for Robert to come for an embrace. Robert embraced him and kissed him on each cheek, as Baba kissed his cheeks. Then Baba gestured for him to take darshan, so he knelt down and kissed Baba's feet.

Baba then began: "I am in very strict seclusion. I see no visitors, and no one is allowed to come here. I have not gone outside this hall, but when I complete my seclusion I shall do so. This seclusion is necessary for my work. Just before I drop my physical body I will break my silence, and then what remains of the world will come to know who I am.

"Have you read Stay with God?"

"No, Baba," Robert answered.

Baba gestured for Francis to bring a copy of the book, which Francis autographed and gave to Robert.

"Do you have any questions?" Baba asked. "Is there anything you want to know?" Robert replied no. Baba smiled and said, "Good. You've had enough of words."

Baba smiled and asked, "Is there anything you want?"

"Yes, Baba. I want to love you as you should be loved. I want to see and love you in everyone and everything, always, for the benefit of others."

In reply, Baba said:

If you want this prem [love] that you desire, for the service of others, you must obey me, and do exactly what I tell you to do. Will you be able to do this? It takes great daring to obey me. Be brave, do not be afraid. I am with you. I am God in human form. Bear with humiliation; whether humiliation or reward [praise], dedicate all to my feet. Whatever thoughts, good or bad, come into your head, offer them at my feet. Do not worry about them.

I want you to remember that the world and its affairs are a big zero — a nothing into nothing. God alone is real, and undoubtedly God exists. I am God. I am God in human form and God the Beyond. I experience my being infinite continuously, without a break. I suffer infinitely; I have the burden of the whole universe on my head. I am the Highest, and yet I come down to the lowest, and I see to minute details.

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