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5191NO DRUGS1965

Spread out your legs; do not feel uncomfortable. Be free. I am everywhere, in all directions. I am your breath that you breathe. Make your home in me.

It is better to deny God than to defy God. What I mean by this is that the one who does not believe in God and performs his duties honestly is far better than those hypocrite saints who pose as teachers, who profess outside what they are not within.

Baba advised Robert, "Go back [to America], because what you are looking for you will not find wandering around India or sitting in a monastery in the Himalayas. [The exact two ideas Robert was harboring, but which he had not voiced!] But you will find it in society with people, by trying to be of service to them and loving them."

Baba then asked if many young people in America were taking drugs, such as LSD. Robert said yes, and Baba said, "Tell those that are, that if drugs could make one realize God, then God is not worthy of being God."

Baba told Robert imperatively to discontinue taking drugs and to tell others not to take them. "No drugs," he gestured very sternly several times. Baba amplified this by stating at length:

Many people in India smoke hashish and ganja — they see colors and forms and lights. It makes them elated, but this elation is only temporary; it is a false experience. It gives only experience of illusion — it heightens illusion — and serves as simply another veil over Reality, taking one farther away from it.

Read God Speaks again and again, until you feel it singing in your veins! You have had enough of words; tell me what your heart wants.

What you need is conviction. There are three types of conviction: reading God Speaks can give you intellectual conviction; this is the first type. But as God exists, you must see Him. Seeing Him everywhere brings conviction through sight. You see Him in all things, everywhere, as the infinite Ocean of Effulgence. You see God in everyone and everything. This is the beginning of real longing — to become one with the Beloved, God. Once you have this experience there will be no more worries and nothing can disturb you.

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