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Baba was in a very good mood and during the session, gave a short discourse to the doctors, "Hypocrisy is at its zenith in the world today and I have come to destroy it! The [material] progress of the world will be maintained, but alongside it, man should develop morally and spiritually."

Two days later further blood tests were done and, though the hemoglobin was better, the level of the urea was the same. Eruch suggested calling Dr. Ginde from Bombay, and he arrived on the 19th. Baba had become pale and there was swelling around his feet and ankles. He was unable to sit up and was getting spasms in his limbs. He also tended to be drowsy from time to time. But while Ginde was there for about a half an hour, Baba's health brightened and he looked almost his usual self. After examining him, Ginde did not find anything unusually wrong. Baba's hemoglobin was 8 percent and Ginde said there was no sign of internal bleeding, as Ichaporia had suspected. He did not think Baba needed another transfusion. Ginde returned to Bombay the same day.

Yet, Baba's health had definitely deteriorated. While working alone in his room for 20 minutes each afternoon, as mentioned, Baba used to beat his thighs and chest with his fists. Finally, one day in December, he became too weak to do this. His weakness was due to the pressure of the culmination of his work. Therefore, Baba kept Bhau in the room with him, and he ordered Bhau to strike him on his thighs and chest while he was working. Baba's thighs had become as hard as marble, and it was actually physically painful for Bhau to hit Baba's body. Bhau also thought he was hurting Baba, so one day he began hitting Baba's chest lightly. Baba began striking his own chest, which only added to his agony and weakness. Bhau recommenced striking him as forcefully as he could, which he continued until the 30th of January — the last day of Baba's working.

While Baba was doing his Universal work, he appeared totally absorbed and consumed by it. His eyes would be open, but he was somewhere else. For instance, while Baba was hitting his thigh one day, Bhau saw that Baba's fingernail had started bleeding. Baba did not stop and was oblivious to it.

On 19 December, Hugh Lynn Cayce, the son of the famous clairvoyant Edgar Cayce of Virginia Beach in America, wrote to Adi stating that he would be coming to India in February 1969 with a group of students of his spiritual association, and that they would like to meet Meher Baba, if it were possible.  Adi replied that Baba was in seclusion for the present and no meeting was arranged.

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