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Hearing this, the sanyasi began having second thoughts about Baba, and without telling anyone, he slipped away and was never heard from again.

The same day in the afternoon, two more sanyasis arrived at Meherabad and were allowed to stay for a few days.

Thursday, the 17th of March, was the Hindu festival of Holi, and a throng of people gathered for Baba's darshan. In the evening a pit was dug and the holi (bonfire) was lit. Afterward, atya-patya was played. As the mandali did not seem to be playing seriously, Baba remarked, "Whatever you do, do with all your heart. Put your whole heart into it, whether it is a game or work."

On 18 March, Rustom moved from Meherabad back to Ahmednagar to be with his wife and children at Khushru Quarters. Baba advised him to come regularly to Meherabad, and on the next day he began visiting, usually bringing his family with him. His younger brother Adi was also living at Khushru Quarters at this time.

The following day, Borker came to see Baba and a long conversation ensued between them. Borker was ready to conduct the Meher Ashram in Ahmednagar according to the guidelines given by Baba. Baba recommended to Borker that if Nusserwan could be persuaded to leave politics, he should be made his assistant. Borker was also advised to cut his ties to all other charitable and educational institutions.

With eighteen of the mandali, Baba went to Ahmednagar on Sunday, 20 March 1927. Rustom drove Baba and six of the group in a Chevrolet, and the rest followed in a truck. Baba first went to Raya Sakhare's house where Baba's arti was performed and a sumptuous luncheon was served in honor of Raya's daughter's marriage. The Gujarati literary scholar Sorabji Desai of Navsari came there to see Baba and was deeply moved to be in the Master's presence once again. Later Baba visited the homes of Bhau Saheb Wanjari, Dhake, and Kanhoba Gadekar, going last to Khushru Quarters before returning to Meherabad.

March 21 was Jamshed-e-Navroz, the Persian New Year. Baba was bathed and worshiped, and his arti was sung. Group photos were also taken. While walking behind Baba, Sorabji Desai, who was fond of collecting "treasures" from different Masters, began collecting the dust under Baba's feet.

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